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What is a Cross Dresser Admirer?

CD admirers can be of either sex, but the majority are men who like to date men dressed as women.

CD admirers are usually masculine-looklng men, who appear to be heterosexual, but are sexually attracted to male-to-female crossdressers.

CD admirers do not pursue masculine men for sex, and thus they ordinarily do not self-identify as bisexual or gay.

Gay men usually prefer masculine men or slightly effeminate males rather than males who look like women, so they do not seek out male-to-female crossdressers.

Cross Dressing men are usually gay or bisexual, though there are men who cross dress simply because they like the look and feel of wearing womens clothing.

CD admirers have a distinctive pattern of romantic and sexual preferences, which does not fall into the conventional straight, bisexual or gay classification.