What is a Cross Dresser?

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What is a Cross Dresser?

A Cross Dresser is a person who wears the clothing and accessories normally associated with members of the opposite sex. Cross Dresser is the current term used for people who used to be referred to as Transvestites.

People Cross Dress for a variety of reasons; Self Expression, Entertainment, Comfort, Disguise, and Fetish. For some people it is a hobby, for some it is a way of expressing themeselves.

Cross Dressing is not confined to any racial or age group. As well as thousands of Cross Dressers in India you will also find many in Europe and America.

Cross Dressers can be Straight, Bi or Gay.

Cross Dressers like to focus on their clothes, shoes, hair and make-up, and their aim is to look as convincing as possible, this is distinct from Drag where the aim is to emphasize and exaggerate female characteristics.

Cross Dressers are often married men who experiment by wearing their wives clothing, many will have started earlier in life by dressing up in their sisters or mothers clothing.